The Secretariat

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Staphany Hou, Secretary-General

Staphany Hou is a junior in Trumbull College, majoring in Global Affairs. This is her third year returning to YMUN Taiwan, after having served in as a DG and USG in the past. As Sec-Gen, she is looking forward to providing delegates with a meaningful and lasting educational experience. Within YIRA, Staphany has also worked on YMUN, SCSY, and IRSY in various capacities. In her free time, Staphany enjoys discovering amazing restaurants, making and eating risotto, and hunting for plaid scarves. Staphany is honored to be the Secretary-General of YMUNT IV and looks forward to an exciting, unforgettable conference! Contact Staphany at

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Ben Wang, Director-General of Administration

Ben Wang is a sophomore in Branford College returning for his second year of YMUN Taiwan. He has been involved in Model UN since his freshman year of high school, and is excited to continue that involvement through YIRA and as the Director General of Administration for YMUN Taiwan. In YIRA, Ben has been a part of the secretariat of YMUN, SCSY, and YMUN Taiwan. Outside of Model UN, Ben is currently studying and being overwhelmed by biomedical engineering and economics. He can be seen on campus working on a small biotechnology startup called Simplex Sciences, doing photography, and gorging on food. Ben is looking forward to making YMUN Taiwan IV the best it has ever been. Feel free to reach out to him at

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Yixuan Yang, Director-General of Committees

Yixuan is a sophomore in Jonathan Edwards College. She sometimes goes by Yang to avoid the many bizarre pronunciations of her name. Hailing from tropical Singapore, Yixuan was thrilled to have snow for the first time until the snow became a blizzard. She has worked on the secretariats of YMUN and YMGE and loves the energy and insight that delegates bring to the table. In her free time, Yixuan enjoys (attempts) dancing with the ballroom team, watching bad horror flicks and scouting for good food (though her friends thank her for not trying to cook any). Joining the YMUNT team for the first time this year, she is excited to make this a memorable experience for all.  Feel free to reach out to her at

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Kevin Zhen, Under-Secretary General of Delegations

Kevin is a freshman in Ezra Stiles College. He is originally from Miami, Florida, but went to a boarding school in Exeter, New Hampshire, so he’s accustomed to New England winters. Kevin’s passions are creative writing, traveling and breakdancing. YMUNT will be Kevin’s first time in Taiwan and he’s extremely excited to try the boba and fried chicken, and to meet all the wonderful delegates and advisors he’s been communicating with over the past year! You can reach him at

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Genna Abele, Under-Secretary General of Business and Conference

Genna Abele is a sophomore in Berkeley College at Yale. She is originally from Palos Verdes, California, and is so excited to be returning to Taiwan after serving as a Director in last year’s conference. She is currently undecided about her major, but she enjoys history, economics, writing, and foreign languages. On campus, in addition to YMUN Taiwan, she has participated in several other YIRA programs and is a member of the Women’s Club Water Polo team, Yale UNICEF, and Net Impact. During her free time, she loves swimming, reading, music, and spending time with family and friends. Feel free to reach out to her at!

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Anin Luo, Under-Secretary General of Outreach

Anin Luo is a freshman in Timothy Dwight College, originally from Taipei, Taiwan. She has been to all of the YMUN Taiwan conferences, and is excited to come back this year as a Yale student. She was actively involved in Model United Nations as a high schooler in Taipei First Girls High School, so she will be excited to see a lot of familiar faces at this year’s conference! Anin is involved in other YIRA organizations, the Taiwanese American Society, and also biomedical research. Outside of school, she loves watching movies, eating good food, and singing badly. Anin is super excited for this year’s YMUN Taiwan! Contact her at

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Jake Fender, Under Secretary-General of Committees

Jake is a junior in Davenport College majoring in Political Science. Hailing from Asheville, North Carolina, Jake grew up in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains and loves hiking, rafting, and leaves! He also enjoys reading, yoga, candle stores, and trying different kinds of coffee and tea. He looks forward to ensuring an amazing experience for each and every delegate. Feel free to reach out to him at with any questions or concerns.

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Max Schlenker, Director

Max is a freshman in Ezra Stiles College from Boone, North Carolina, and is a first-time director for YMUN Taiwan. In addition to YMUNT IV, Max is also on the Secretariat for YMUN and serves on the Editorial Board of the Yale Review of International Studies. Max has competed in Model United Nations since middle school and is excited for the chance to continue to be involved with MUN in college. Outside of YIRA, Max also plays the flute, works in the Yale Admissions Office, and writes for the Yale Politic. He has never been to Taiwan and can’t wait to visit such an amazing country and meet all of the great delegates! You can reach him at

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Oleksa Alex Martiniouk, Director

Oleksa Alex Martiniouk is a sophomore from New York, New York in Saybrook College (though, in all honestly, he prefers Berkeley College). Within YIRA, he has taken part in YMUN, SCSY, YMGE, IRSY and the YIRA Research Trip to Russia. Alex is incredibly excited to take part in YMUNT for the first time as a Director. Outside of YIRA, Alex is a Section Head for the Yale Banner Publications, which produces Yale’s yearbook and has acted as a Student Ambassador for Yale Admissions. He’s really passionate about a lot of things that don’t often make sense together—he conducted genetics research at the National Academy of Sciences in Ukraine, has ballroom danced competitively since fourth grade, was a Ukrainian boy scout, loves photography, and enjoys laser cutting cool things at the CEID in his free time. He is also Ukrainian and is very passionate about all things Ukrainian basically. It’ll be his first time in Taiwan, so he’s very excited to explore the country and get to know some amazing delegates! You can email him at

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Benjamin Waldman, Director

Benjamin is a freshman in Branford College from West Hartford, Connecticut, intending to double-major in math and political science. This is his first time involved with YMUN Taiwan, although he’s participated in Model UN conferences, such as YMUN (Yale’s conference in New Haven) and YMGE (Yale’s conference in Budapest), as a delegate since high school. Aside from YMUNT, Benjamin is on the secretariat for YMUN and a member of the Roosevelt Institute, a think tank that deals with equal justice. Benjamin can’t wait to meet all the delegates, to engage in exciting and rewarding debates with them, and to practice his Chinese. You can reach him at

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Mike Yoon, Director

Mike is a junior in Silliman College from South Korea as well as the beautiful island of Guam. He is double majoring in East Asian Studies and Political Science with a focus on Japan-Korea relations. Within YIRA Mike is currently the Co-President of YMGE and has been on the secretariats of YMUN, YMUN Korea, and YMUN China.  In his free time Mike enjoys going out to the city to eat at  all sorts of restaurants and dessert spots. In his spare time on campus, he can be found drinking coffee, cooking, or eating out at one of New Haven’s great restaurants. He is extremely excited to join YMUN Taiwan as the director of the ASEAN committee and can’t wait to meet everyone and to enjoy Taiwan. You can email him at


Photos by Karjin Ong, Ben Wang